Sennheiser PC350

Just wondering if you guys ever used these. I started looking at them early last year, but opted out for a new video card instead. Now my roommate is getting annoyed by my 5.1 system and I need a good gaming headset.

So far, I have not heard anything bad about these except for the fact the mic is non removable. When I look around the forums I don't see anyone talking about these.

So pretty much all I want is a good gaming headphone/headset before Far Cry 2 comes.

(anyone know of the HD555 or HD595's? I have heard good things from them as well as the TekNmotion TM-PSX100A.)
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  1. gaming headsets, apart from the mic attached is just marketing.

    the 595's are excellent, i use them and for games or music, they rock)in a mellow sort of way).

    The 555's whilst different get alot of good reviews. there has been multiple threads about this topic in general, a quick google may or may not help.
  2. Yup. Usually posting a thread is my last resort, but just wondering if anyone has used the pc350 before. Definitely it would be nice to have the mic detachable, but it shouldn't matter. I think I will go ahead and buy them tonight if no one else replies.
  3. hell, they are senn's, can't really go wrong.
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