Free ancient and med rules: AWr

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AWr development.

I would like to inform the online readers about a project for Ancient
and Medieval gaming at strategic level: Arcane Warfare.

The 'unit' bases have 40mm frontage and are 20, 40 or 80mm deep.

Commanders are on round stands.

There is no bookeeping at all, you dont even need an army rooster.

The rules are moderately complex but play very fast.

They are in a 'beta' version but already include over 30 colour
diagrams to go along the main text.

Until we have a solid 1.0 version the rules are only available in the
Files section of the Yahoo group, but they are free.


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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Why change the universal world wide wargaming baseing standard for Ancients?
    Like it or not, WRG basing is that standard. I don't play WRG anything, but
    since every game that stands a chance in H!!LL of making it in the wargaming
    universe uses it, why invite disaster upon your project?
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