Basic computer needed-store bought PC or Mac

My current setup is a 2003 homebuilt Athlon mainly used for N2k3. My wife is using a 3 year old HP on loan for another few weeks from a cyber school.

Here are our current needs: (2 computers)
1. Wife wants a computer of her own (never thought she'd say that) for basic web surfing, email, and word processing. No laptop. We have DSL w/ a wireless router. The kids will be getting laptops from the new cyber schools this summer.

2. My son's are now into the gaming seen along with my racing sims, plus, I want to be able to do the family video on DVD's. I enjoy playing around with video, pics, and podcasting.

I plan to build the gaming/video PC soon and have been browsing the TH forums for ideas. We can talk about builds that later. My wife wants to go shopping tomorrow. Best Buy, Walmart, and Apple will be our stops. A Mac would be great for her but the price would take away form our gaming PC. Would the Mac last longer than a store bought basic PC for my wife?
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  1. Macs are good with picture and video editing. She'd be better off getting a retail PC IMO. The length of time they last depends on the person using them. All computers need routine maintenance.
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