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So i tried to update my computer i had got from my dad and when it said that it was updating my computer to service pack 3 it stopped half way through updating and says that i didnt have service pack 2. So i tried to download service pack 2 and it says that my computer already has it. So i figured id delete service pack 2 and download it again and my problem would be fixed. Wrong! I try to delete service pack 2 and my computer shutsdown. So it wont allow me to delete it so what do i do?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    I assume that you are talking about Windows XP right?

    Re-install the SP2, reboot your PC and try again with the SP3.
  2. first thanks for responding
    And yes im talking about windows XP
    so i tried to re-install the SP2 but it wont allow me. The service pack gets a little more than half way installed and then a window pops up saying that it was unable to finish installing and that i should delete SP2 from the add/remove programs and then try again. But when i try to remove the SP2 it says that it is unable too?
  3. Maybe this can help you
  4. SP3 includes SP2. It's cumulative.
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