Dell Inspiron Mini IM10-2865 10.1

I need some info about the Dell notebook.
I need a computer just for the internet, msn, stuff like that. I have a desktop computer for everything else. Could anyone tell me abt the pro's and con's this computer has. This is a cheap computer and that's what I'm looking for but still I want it to work :)
Thank you if anyone has the time to give me a little bit feedback.
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  1. It'll work. It's a netbook so it is designed basically to do just what you described above, internet, email and chat. The Atom processors in these aren't overly powerful, but will be fine for your uses and the 1gb or so of RAM included should be plenty for Win XP. Battery life should be rather good. On the downside, they are smaller systems so expect low resolution screen, small keyboard and no built in optical drive.

    I've been considering one for a little while now, I just don't have any spare cash to drop on it atm.
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