Does 8gb ram run better than 6gb?

I am looking at purchasing the HP HDX16t, as I have HAD IT with my Dell Latitude D531. My Dell is very s.l.o.w. even with 4gb ram, and 2.29 GHz AMD processor. If I run more than 3 apps, I get the blue screen of death ... and customer support has been of no help. Anyways, looks like the HP HDX16T has had great reviews, and I'd like to get the following configuration (I do financial/accounting work and also lots of photo editing/movie editing): Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.06 GHz, 6MB L2 Cache 8GB DDR2 System Memory 500GB hard drive 1GB NVIDIA GeForce Just wondering if this is overkill? I am just SO tired of slow laptops that can't run multiple apps!
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  1. stay with 6 Gb 8 seems overboard, but i think you "might" want to go the Quad core route =p
  2. Depending on how in-depth your movie editing is, 4GB should be enough. If you do long HD edits, the 8GB is a better option, though you should really be opting for a desktop - a quad core would give you much better performance than more RAM.
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