Just got my hands on 26 bookshelf speakers. Any ideas?

I wasn't really sure which sub forum to post on but here's the deal. I got my hands on 26 100 watt bookshelf speakers for free today. They're all in good condition and sound great. I'm considering doing some sort of project with them but I'm not really sure what. It would be pretty cool to get them all hooked up to one source but I wouldn't know how. Outside of that, I plan on painting the cabs. Any ideas?
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  1. That would be a nice project. It's not easy but nice. If I have the privilege to do that project I'll do a 5 Channel up to 7 Channel system then just buy my self a Sub like the Axiom The Epicenter EP600 V2 or 2 of the EP400 to make 7.2 Speaker System.

    For 5 Channels - 5 speakers for front and rear and 6 speakers for the center channel.

    For 7 Channels - 4 speakers for Center, 5 speakers for Front, and 3 speakers for Rear and Sur-Rear.

    Depending on thier Impedance the 3 speakers is the most dificult convert unless you do your own modification and desgn a proper distribution unit so It'll holds its impedance.

    Example if all speakers have the same Impedance.

    for 5 speaker arrangement = 3+2 will make you closer to its impedance. (3 speakers on series parallel with 2 speakers on series)

    for 4 arrangement ofcorse is 2+2 will make it even. (2 speakers in series parallel with 2 speakers in series)

    for 3 arrangement is 2+1. (2 speakers in series parallel with 1 speaker)

    But if you get a proper distribution unit for all the speakers then its better than doing the series and parallel connection.

    Then the Onkyo TX-NR906 Amplifier http://www.onkyousa.com/model.cfm?m=TX-NR906&class=Receiver&p=s
  2. Two words: Stolen goods.
  3. Not stolen. My workplace was going to throw them away. I couldn't allow that to happen.
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