Help Lost part of Hard drive

I reloaded Windows 7 from scratch. I have two drives. The system
Drive is a 128G SSD. The second drive is a WD 1T hard drive I used for storage.

Used space 44,277,760 42.2MB
Free space 60,575,744 57.7MB

When I try to open the drive and access my files, Pic, Doc, etc. It says this folder is empty.

How do I regain access to my files?

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  1. Take ownership of the files/folders.
  2. When you say reloaded I'll assume you mean you re-installed Windows.

    That being the case, where the files are depends on the whether you opted to format the hard drive during installation or keep files from you old install. If you formatted, they're now lost. If you kept them, they should now be in a folder that goes roughly "C:\windows.old\users\<old username>\my documents"
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