No Rear channel sound in WM10?

For some reason i lost my rear channel sound in windows media player. It works fine in all the creative diagnostics and games alike. I can't seem to find any reason why it won't give me rear sound. How can I uninstall windows media player 10? Can't find it in add/remove programs.

Asus A8V Deluxe(rev. 2.00) / A64 3200 / 1024mb OCZ DDR500 (2.5-3-3-8) / BFG 6800GT@405/1100 / Baracuda 120GB / Lian-Li PC-65 / Syncmaster 700NF / OCZ Power Stream 420
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  1. When I was using analog 5.1, I couldn't get WMP to output to the rear speaker's either.

    When I watch a 5.1 movie I get all 6 channels from WMP. When I play the .ac3 sound file for the movie it ignores all settings and downmixes to 2.0.

    This actually drove me nuts for two weeks. I way trying to test my SPDIF passthrough using a 5.1 .ac3 test file & WMP.

    The ac3 file was ripped from a THX speaker test so I assumed that no 5.1 from WMP meant my system wasn't configured properly.

    I gave up and watched a movie and imediately noticed I was getting real 5.1 sound!

    Its the same file, but it seems WMP is hard coded to ignore all system settings and think music = 2.0.

    If the original is only in stereo and you use a Home Theater Reciever its better just to have the reciever turn it into 5.1. Which is how I solved the problem.

    Otherwise would I would abandon WMP and maybe give Winamp a try.
  2. The audio is stereo by default and that is what wmp outputs. You have to enable CMSS 3D in the creative eax console for it to output stereo on all channels.

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  3. I can't seem to find that setting. Maybe its because I am using an older SB Live 5.1?
  4. Ah, that could be. It has been a while since I used my SB live card. I don't recall the menus. If there is something in there about stereo surround that is basically what the CMSS 3D does.

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