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hello i bought a 4 cam PCI DVR Card, and night vision cameras, i got one of them to work because it is USB, played with it a bit it is quite cool :P , but the problem is getting the other cams to work i plug in the cables from the cameras to the back of the DVR card just fine, the power is ON on the cameras, and the PCI DVR card appears to have installed fine, no conflicts detected. it all seems to be connected fine and the power seems to be on, but i receive no signal at all from the cams, i have tried a few different programs like camplexor lux riot argus etc. and try to detect the cams but nothing!. the cameras appear to work when connected to the tv. is there a diagram of showing where to plug the cables etc. ? , i have PCI DVR card in the pci slot and installed, i didnt install the extra 4 ports that came with the 4 camera pci card. the cable goes from the dvr card to the camera, and the mains power to the camera. please help i have no idea why it isnt working i am getting rather p'd off. only having 1 of the cams working and it is cos it is USB.
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  1. Most likely, you need a proper DirectShow friendly driver for your card, for it to start working and be detected by software. Perhaps you had some shipped with your card, but you can also try this universal one: http://btwincap.sourceforge.net/

  2. the number on the box it came with is JN-416 it is made in china. i have tried different drivers including the one it came with and it says no conflicts detected, i dont know if i selected the correct device to try to connect, there are different ones and then after choosing one there is a whole bunch of other stuff to choose from when trying to get the stream, in different programs, i am pretty sure my region uses PAL, but still there are so many things that could be wrong, do i need to connect something from the card to the mainboard like a cable, after i put it in the PCI slot. i dunno i am thinking of smashing it and the cam for fun, and buying some USB cams. there is like conextant 0 - 3 4 to choose from in the list, i tried all
  3. Generic capture cards are not any new, make sure to read this (surprisingly dated 6 years ago) : http://www.cctvforum.com/about2021.html
  4. Most DVR cad are proprietary unless otherwise indicated, so the card only works with software included with the card, check supported operating system and install its own application.

    Follow instructions manual carefully.
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