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Hallo, I bought a Acer laptop with Windows 7. Whym I login on facebook, the picture is very small. Lenghwise is correct, but from top to bottom is so small, I can't send or ask for any thing, because it cut out the send etc. What can I do to fix the problem.

When I go to my Home farm, It show the the small picture, but I click on the block to make the whole picture open, then when I want to ask for parts, the picture go back to the small picture and then I can't do anything to push the send button, because its below the line, and can't move nothing upwords to show me the box to send it to my fb friends.

Please can you help me to do something about it. I think it must be sonething to do with the setting, don't know if it is the settings of fb, or the laptop.

Kind regards

Lalla Muller
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