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does anybody know of a high quality, non dslr, camera that is very good for macro. price range is up to 400$, kodak is preferred, but any company is ok.
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    OLYMPUS SP-590UZ - $309.99

    I've used an older Olympus model (same series) for professional photography and they come with a Macro and Super Macro setting that I've found to be absolutely fantastic.
  2. looks good, but what do you think of this:

    thanx for the help!
  3. Here is the Macro range on the Kodak:

    Wide macro: 0.1–1.0 m
    Tele macro: 0.7–3.5 m

    Now here is the Macro range on the Olympus:

    Wide: 3.9" – infinity (0.1m – infinity)
    Tele: 66.9" – infinity (1.7m – infinity)

    Super Macro mode: 0.39" - infinity (1cm - infinity)
  4. good point, but would the kodak be decent for macro?
  5. In all honesty I couldn't tell you as I've never used Macro on a Kodak yet. But if you are serious about wanting high quality Macro's the Olympus will not disappoint you at all.
  6. thanks! :D
  7. You're welcome.

    You're going post some of those Macro shots, right?
  8. maybe, first i might want to buy the camera lol :lol:
  9. That's probably a good start.
  10. lol yea i would think so :lol:
  11. Buy the Kodak they are the last major American Optics/Imaging company and they make great, easy to use products....
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