Something wrong with windows?

Well, i hope that this is not a serious problem, but I hope someone will help me. When smn turn on the laptop, there appears beautiful windows picture with those 4 flag etc. However, after I restarted my laptop when he froze while I was playing a game (my battery was running out and there was 10 per cent left. Then my mouse wouldn't move so I just restarted the laptop), I couldn't see that beautiful picture. I saw only a black screen with words Microsoft something and that's it. So I was wandering why that picture presenting Windows was changed and how? Is there a possibility that my laptop has some problems?
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  1. Sounds like a non activated Windows. You need a valid license key and activate it by going to start> right click my computer > properties > scroll down and windows activation.
  2. Something wrong with windows?

    Yes .... lots
  3. forced restart messed up ur windows. On underside of ur laptop there is a small sticker with microsoft genuine certificate and a product serial number. It can help u to re activate ur windows.
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