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So right now I am looking into getting a good gaming headset for my pc. I need it to be a 5.1 surround sound set that you can get at wide known retailers like newegg or tigerdirect. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Right now I am thinking the Razor barracuda or the creative fatality headsets. My only price restraint is under 150 i really don't think they even go that high. Thanks
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  1. The 'Best' Consumer/Gaming Headset you will find is the Razor Megalodon or the Astro A40 headsets. They start at around $250. The Megalodon actually uses the same audio technology the military has implemented in some of their fighter-pilot's headsets for precision warnings regarding projectile/missile locations and as for the A40, there are many pro gamers, meaning those with salaries with large(100k+) salaries, who use these headsets for tournament play. Both can be configured with optional MixAmps that allow the use of several control functions.

    However, if your budget is ~150, do not go with the fatality series headset. In my experience with them, the audio quality is not the greatest. I never purchase any parts from the fatality series. The barracuda I do not know much about, sorry.

    A month ago I did by a headset from creative but it was the HS-1200 and it performs very well for me.

    Good luck
  2. I'd always go with something from a sound company over a gaming company. The Sennheiser PC-350 looks like a great choice.
  3. I used Sennheiser PC150 headset and although quality was good it was not comfortable. I do not recommend those cans that just sit on your ears and not over your ears. Not sure if PC350 improved in this regard over PC150 but if you have realtively big ears keep that in mind or at least try before buying.

    Razer sells generic products stamped with their logo all over the place and charges you double for that, still some people like it for showing off.

    For comfort of use and very good value for money consider getting a headset from Creative:
  4. The 350 is completely different from the 150 (and I would definitely not recommend the Senn 150s)
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