Modifying JVC Camcorder with Remote

I have a JVC GZ-MG505 camcorder with an infrared receiver, but lacking a LANC port. What are the appropriate steps or proceadures for modifying a JVC Everio via remote (hardware, software, code)?
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  1. I've recently came across a camcorder tricks page which relates to using a Sony "remote" (RM model) that plugs into a Sony camcorder's LANC port. I have a JVC Everio with a basic infrared receiver designed specifically for use with the propritary remote.

    Are there any pages online with special infrared "hack codes" for modifying the GZ-MG505? Is there any shareware or software downloads that have the ability of modifying an MG505 via an on-computer infrared transmitter to a camcorder.

    All I'm looking for is a list of "cheat codes", or user-friendly software that trasmits the right codes from an infrared transmitter on a PC.

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