New Survey, every time I enter Tomshardware

Hey Tom people,

The name is Joel. This might just be me; is the survey screen getting to anyone else?
I have to hit 'Skip Survey' every time I go to Toms hardware. It gets old. Then, since I have to empty my cache several times a day testing different sites and such, I also have to redo my location (the language selection).
Am I supposed to get the survey screen every time?
I don't mean to be just a complainer, but Tom and his crew seem to be going a little to deep into add territory and pop-up land. Becoming a bit obtrusive in how the site runs.
Just expressing some concern. Thank you Tom for all the fantastic articles that you write, personally, by yourself.
No really, Jesus, you are one of my favorite writers, among many people at Toms (not to discount my love for the peeps at Arstechnica).

Thanks for the quality hardware articles,

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  1. Hello,

    Do you have cookies disabled? If not, are you running some sort of ad-blocker/firewall/security suite that might be interfering with cookies? Either of those two things could be causing you to see the survey ad repeatedly.

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