diff between internal dvd burners and external

I'm hoping someone can answer this question for me.

I'm thinking about making an external dvd burner by taking an internal dvd burner and putting it inside an enclosure case. The questions I have are...

1) Is there data transfer issues? I wouldn't think so as long as the enclosure case supports usb2.0 or 1394
2) Does the enclosure case have to support a certain ATA protocol? I would think since the DVD burner has an IDE connection any IDE enclosure case would be sufficient.
3) Power issues? I don't know how much power is required by the dvd-burner's but I would think the enclosure case could generate enough juice since it has a dedicated plug.
4) Why aren't more people doing this? From what I gather a good dvd dl burner costs around $80 and a decent enclosure case costs $30. The total cost being $110 which is far cheaper than any decent external dvd burner.
5) Am I missing something? Thoughts?

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  1. I think you have your bases covered.

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  2. Some people want smaller, more portable solution. I can see a notebook owner wanting something light and slim.


    Some people are simply wary of anyting not backed by a huge marketing team. They insist that only the EXPERTS can do things right, which usually means people who work for big name computer companies.

    These are the people who will insist that I with a B.S. in Computer Science (and a B.A in Philosophy) and 10 years experience building/repairing PC's must be wrong if I disagree with what the AOL phone tech, or their uncle who works at CompUSA told them was wrong with their computer.

    Since these people are usually a friend of a friend looking wanting free tech support, I have learned over the years to simply hang my head and sadly admint that I just don't know what I am doing and they should stick to the experts.


    Then there are the people who thing anything that Do-It-Yourself is unreilable crap.

    Like the AOL Broadband installer who spend over an hour trying to setup my Mother's computer after she moved. Finally he appologized and explained to her that she needed to get a real computer like a Gateway and that all DIY system including the $2500 custom built (and custom painted) computer I just made her were unreliable. He then told her that even reinstalling the OS was a bad idea because you can never get it working right again.

    Of course she immediately called me and put the tech guy on the phone. I immediately asked if he put the batteries in the cordless keyboard and mouse. His respose was "those things need batteries?, I saw battries in the box but ...". He was so impressed that I solved the problem in 30 seconds he asked me what when wrong when he upgraded to XP. Apparely despite having owned several home computers he had never heard of "device drivers" and though that the job was done as soon as windows was installed.


    Finally most people just are not into computer hardware. They don't know, they don't care to learn and they would rather just buy something that works no matter how easy the alternative.

    In my opinion that's I very valid reason. Life is short, you can't be skilled at everything.

    PS I tend to ramble on and on when I don't get enough sleep. Guess how much sleep I had last night. :)
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