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I hope this is the right forums to ask this question. Basically I want to subscribe to DirecTV so that I can watch it here in Montreal. I have a friend with a US address. My questions is, do I also have to use an credit card with a Us address to pay the monthly bills or can I just use my current Canadian based visa. I want to be able to pay the bills myself without having my friend to do on his card.

Also, after some research, I believe that you can get a minimum of 6 receivers per account. Is this correct? Also, is it illegal to bring up the DirecTV equipment across the border? Is there anything else I need to know?

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  1. A little update. So we ordered everything online using an American address and a Canadian visa. Everything went fine but they only install the dish with their technician and we don't want anything installed because we want to bring everything back to canada. My question is, is there anyway around this. I know they sell recievers at best buy. Also, how are the recievers activiated. Do they physically need to be at the american address?

  2. Another update for anyone that's in the same position. We found out that its possible to buy the receivers from best buy or Sam's club. You can then activate them and you don't need to have them connected to a landline.

    Does anyone know if its illegal to bring back the receivers across the Canadian border and will best buy/Sam's club need detailed information such as proof of American address to purchase the receivers.
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