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hi everyone, im looking a buying a new computer sometime soon, and am trying to decide between two different ones. one is a cyberpowerpc that is availible through newegg, and the other is a digital storm. can anyone give me opinions of the different specs and brands? thanks

i7 920
6gb ddr3 ram
gts 250 512mb
800watts psu
500gb hd

digital storm-
q9550 @2.8
4gb ddr3 ram
gtx 260
750 watt
500gb hd

basically the cyberpowerpc has a better processor and worse video card, with the digital storm being the opposite

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  1. I'd go with the i7 system. Down the road if you want to upgrade the graphics, that's easy and cheaper.

    If you weren't happy with the performance of the q9550, it'd mean an overhaul of the guts to upgrade the cpu to an i7.
  2. ok thanks thats what i was thinking because im in kind of the same problem now i have a dual core im not happy with and would rather buy a whole new system than spend a ton of money upgrading the whole thing
  3. If you have a good case, opticals, and HD, it's much cheaper to upgrade the guts. If you are confident in your abilities, you could just order the board, cpu, RAM, and video card for less than either of the above options.

    Just a thought.....
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