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Hi guys..well I finally had enuff. I want to drop Road runner cable, get a Roku & Boxee and go for it.
But i need a HTPC to start with that will be compatible with most or all of my gear. I was hoping to manage the budget carefully and leave room for upgrades.
Here is what we have:
Sony 50 rear project LCD (DVI only)
[Receiver needs to be replaced, whats the bang for the buck most HDMI out puts reciever? Sony?] Currently I have a 6.2 Integra all component and behaving very flaky
dvd player
wii & will likely add a PS3 ( is it tru that all blu rays played on it can be are recorded to HDD on PS3?)
vcr-kids vids.

I can build HTPC, but I sure would like to just buy one and an amp and cables and be done.
Any suggested brands , sites, models of gear to look at.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi mate,

    How much are you looking to spend?
    I would be happy to build you a machine you give me a price and i will tell you what i can deliver. i am a qualified tech and would be happy to put a HTPC together for you.
  2. There so many HTPC seller out there so just check the big manufacturers. Support and warranty is the next thing that matter so having a good support is a must.Calling someone in the middle of the night becuase you can't figure out to record a show is one of those moment why....

    When it comes to OEM products, if the parts offering is identical; going to brand A or brand B won't matter much unless brand A parts is different than brand B.

    Check for pros and customers review of the pruducts you are iterested.
  3. hmmm, ok I guess my concern is that I roll with a HTPC that wont interface well with a given receiver. does anyone know a site that does comparisions and assessments of kit like that. I'm in the USA fyi.
  4. I build my own system so I wouldn't know where to point you. Dell, Sony, HP or Asus have HTPC so you might want to check their offerings or try Bestbuy or check newegg perhaps?

    At some point you'll be replacing that TV so you'll be using HDMI connection but for the meantime DVI is fine, unfortunately I don't know a receiver that have DVI input as most receivers today uses HDMI. I think Onkyo has more bang for buck therefore you can upgrade to higher level of equipment for a good price.

    So to connect your system the HTPC DVI to TV and SPDIF coax or optical to receiver.

    Another thing is, if you are planning to play games with the HTPC you might want to consider gaming rig then add tunner instead.
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