Installing kodak DX7590 camera firmware

Kodak DX7590

I installed the updated firmware but now when I turn camera on to transfer pictures the PC reboots.
Where do I get old firmware version 1.000 and how do I load it into camera without the PC rebooting when I turn camera on?
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  1. See if Kodak's site has a recent update to any of their software you may be using.

    I have a modest Kodak which came without the connector or CD so I'm not familiar with using it with a computer -- presumably the camera can be connected as disk drive via USB -- see if that works.

    If the process of updating the firmware was interrupted that might explain things, though the camera presumably works okay ?

    If you get stuck I would talk to Kodak -- I suspect that their customer profile means they are more helpful than some brands.
  2. Unfortunately Kodak does not support this camera any more.
    They only list the new firmware and not the first version.
    Camera works on other Pc's but the one PC will reboot every time I turn camera on to transfer pictures.
    Was told it may be the WIA driver.
  3. A card adapter can be bought for very little -- that ought to solve it -- all you'll lose is pics stored in the camera's onboard memory.
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