Windows 7 freezes when internet goes off?

hey ll who take the time to answer this

But here is my problem,

I can be playing World of warcraft, or any game, and my System will freeze, totally lock and wont respond.
But i noticed the other day, my router is also offline when this happens, are these connected? or is it just a fluke?

I have to unplug my pc in order to get it back on, and when its back, there is no problems reported by windows
can this be related to malware?

im stuck on this issue,.
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, please link the correct one and ill re-post

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  1. Do you also have to unplug and restart your router as well?
  2. no, my router comes back on with a connection as soon as my pc is booted up again
  3. How do you know that your Router has gone offline?
  4. The router is right ontop of my computer, and my wifes laptop also goes offline
  5. ^ Are they on the same multi-box? Seems more like a power issue. Can you try a different multi-box?
  6. do you mean multi box such as multiple power plugs??
    if yes, they are on different ones
  7. Although excessively unlikely, weirder things have happened. Since the laptop also turns off I would start doing full deep scans with various malware and antivirus programs.

    Question: have the laptop and pc ever been networked (not just on the same internet I mean actually being able to share files with one another).

    Does the pc also shut off if there is no power going into the router? (startup the pc without the router receiving any power)
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