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I put this in this thread because it has to do with my xbox 360 sharing my pc speakers. I have my pc hooked up to my monitor(gateway fhd 2400), and I also have my xbox 360 hooked up to my monitor with the red blue and green componet cables. I am not sure how I get get sound from the pc speakers? I knw that the 360 has an optical input on the cable, but I have no where to plug it in. My monitor does not have the red and white audio jacks on it. I do have a spare hdmi port on the back of the monitor not being used, but I have the original 360 without the hdmi hookup. Need help. Suggetions most appreciated.
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  1. what you need to do, if your speakers are hooked into your computer, is to find or buy the thing that comes in the xbox 360 vga input package. It is a prong that you plug your red and white audio cables into converting them into the end of a microphone plug in so that you plug your audio cables into your microphone slot which puts the sound out through your computer speakers.

    Its the thing at the very top....just plug that into your mic jack on your computer and the 360s sound will be pushed out through your speakers :)
  2. Thanks bro, that is what I am gonna do. That looks cheaper than what I was gonna buy. I appreciate the help.
  3. what is it called? i would like to purchase one could you add a link?
  4. This thread has saved me so. much. money. :wahoo: THANK YOU!
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