What is the best gaming computer company.

Which company has good quality gaming computers. I really want to buy from the best. I purchased a computer from cyberpower and i had to send it back 2 times. I am really looking at quality parts.
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  1. alienware! Falcon Northwest, Voodoo, And Sager are great but I have had 3 alienwares and have had nothing but awesome experiences other wise Falcon Northwest and Sager for 15" laptops ...not a fan of voodoo anymore.
  2. oh and I have seen some of cyberpowers adds and to me they look cheaply made. For alienware my favorite laptop m17, their best laptop-m17x but thick and heavy. alx desktop nothing gets better but if you are looking into them for a desktop I reccomend area 51 x58 but btw alienwares are pricy when customized well, but totally worth it.
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