Samsung 940BW loss of resolution settings

This one perplexes me. I like my 940. It's small yet large enough, if you understand me. I like the colouring, the contrast, it's all good.

Oh wait, except for the bit where it doesn't accept the video input and won't go to 1440x900 resolution, instead giving me about twice the number of options that it should be, and the only one that comes close to being clear is 1280x960, of all things.

This monitor ran fine initially, digital input and all, 1440x900, glorious in every way, but now it's just screwed. But the thing is while I'm sure it IS the monitor, there's an outside chance it's the 7950GT (though all evidence points to the contrary). When I log on to windows, it will go black twice briefly before kicking in steadily. This is about the time that my start-up programs kick in.

I've cleaned drivers, reinstalled drivers, re-reinstalled drivers, checked the card, tested the monitor, but it will only go to 1440x900 once every month, if I'm lucky. I also have issues with the type of monitor being listed as connected in display settings (sometimes it says digital, sometimes analog, always annoying) I'm thoroughly perplexed and can find nothing of these issues anywhere online, so really I need to have opinions;

1) Is it the video or the monitor based on this info?
2) Is there any fix or have others come across such issues?
3) If it's the monitor, what should I replace it with?

Appreciate any help.
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  1. Hi,

    I know this is an old thread, but I have the same problem and it is almost funny that there isn't a single solution to find anywhere on the web :)
    I am starting to hate Samsung :(
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