Notebook GPU not good enough.

Hey I just recently bought a Notebook from Futureshop for six-hundred dollars. It had decent stats 4 gigs of ram 2 ghz dual core cpu but the notebook didn't describe the gpu and like an idiot I didn't check with the salesman. It's a Gateway NV54, it has an Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family. I'm wondering if there are any options for swapping this Graphics Card for something a little less terrible? :D If this is an idiotic question don't be rude and spam me with "you're an idiot" over and over again. This is my first notebook and I wasn't sure of the buy so.. yeeeah..
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  1. Unfortunately, you are sunk. The vast majority of laptops can't have their GPUs upgraded and usually the ones that can are high end models. You are stuck with the GPU unless you can return the laptop and buy something else.
  2. Yup. Intel's GPUs are integrated, and can't be upgraded.
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