Help. Changed the input on a Transonic DVD player, now I'm stuffed.

Hi. I noticed faint black horizontal lines on my partent's Transoinc DVD player, so I tried messing around with the settings (they didn't have the manual, apparently they don't believe in them) and suddenly everything went blank. I think what I did was to change the input from the red, white and yellow component cable to the S-video digital input. So now I can't see anything because I don't have a S-video tv.

What annoys me was there was no warning and there is seemingly no way to reset it.

So is there anything I can do?

Thanks very much.
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  1. This may sound silly, so forgive me.

    Have you tried unplugging the unit for a couple minutes? Most units do not have a way to save settings changed from default when there is no power to the unit.
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