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hi,i,m very new to computers..i,ve just bought a dell optiplex 755..when i switch it on it keeps coming up....plug the monitor cable into the add-in graphics card conector..this may require a video adapter or video cable..plz help i,m stuck..could it have something to with the monitor not being a dell ??..there is no other bit that the monitor cable fits onto..thank you for your help
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  1. It should not matter that it is not a Dell Monitor.

    Apparently this model is no longer sold by Dell - according to their site. Did you buy it used or is this the first set-up out of the original box?

    Am I confused or are you saying that you have the monitor connected and it is working because you are reading on the monitor that it keeps coming up "plug the monitor cable... into the card". If so seems like a strange message for the sytem to even have programmed to show on the monitor, except if your PC has both onboard video and a graphics card and you are connecting it to the onboard video connector when it should be connected to the other.

    If I am mistaken and you are not reading the above on your monitor, is the monitor plugged into power, turned on, and the power light on?

    Are you sure the monitor works fine? Were you using it before on another computer yourself? If not is there another computer handy that you can test it on?

    I need some information. Since I don't know what you know, I will be very specific. If you don't know and can't quickly figure it out- just say so.

    First what kind of dell optiplex 755 do you have? Mini tower, desktop, small form factor, or ultra small form factor? I went to Dell online to try to find your manual and was faced with those options. If you are not sure - just give me the dimensions - height width nd length.

    What video card do you have in your system? Does the system have onboard video?
    And do you have the plug from the monitor connected to a matching connector on the back of the video card or the onboard video? Does the connector seem to match up precisely - as the right size and shape to match up to the card? And you easily screwed in the the little "bolts" to secure the connection?

    Click on Start and select and click on Control Panel
    In the window that opens, click System
    In the System Properties box that opens, select the Hardware tab and click on Device Manager. In the new window that opens, find the line that says monitor. If you system is recognizing the monitor - it should have a plus sign rather than a minus sign to the left. Click the cross to the left of it to open it up, and let me know what it says below monitor. Also click that and see if it opens another window that says the device is working properly. Also let me know if there are any red or yellow warning signs in the primary window.
    Now close the monitor window and you should be back at Device Manager window.
    Look for the line reading Display adapters and do the same thing - tell me what is written below the line when you click on the plus sign - click on that line - and let me know if the new box says it is working properly.

    To get back out of each window, just click on cancel, or OK, or the x in the upper right corner.

    Do you have the manual for the computer? If we need to check some settings in System Startup do you know how to get into that? The directions are in the manual - but don't do anything yet.

    Once I have answers to those questions and can look up the manual I may be able to help you a little more.
  2. Check out this cable. This is a DVI cable. Does this look like the cable coming from your monitor?
    or this
    This is a VGA cable

    If you have a DVI monitor cable, you need to plug it into a DVI port, that looks like this:

    If you have a VGA monitor cable, it needs to plug into a VGA port that looks like this:
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