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hey everyone im looking at buying a Dell XPS 630 for a friend pretty soon and was wondering what you think about this i can only fit one of two upgrades in the budget one being a q9550 and sli 9800gt 512mb, or should i go with the q9400 and upgrade the graphics to crossfire 4850 512mb?
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  1. q9550 and sli 9800gt 512mb

    Don't go for a sli (compatibility problems could arise),
    spent less money on one 9850 or something like that.
  2. yea but Dell doesn't give you a choice you have to have either sli or crossfire in it
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    Building your own is generally cheaper. Did you read this link?

    Is that not a reasonable option? And I understand - many don't want that option and it is fine if you do not.

    Generally the next best option is to buy the Dell you want with the cpu but upgrade other components yourself - such as video cards and memory. The caveat you have with video cards is that sometimes the PSU is too small and you must upgrade it too. It appears that is not possible in your case as the choices you made are the basic system in each model.

    Is this the system you are looking at for $1,316?

    To answer your original question - it depends on what you want to do with it. The 4850 cards are faster so that system is better for gaming. The other has a faster processor so it is better for CPU intensive actitvities such as video encoding. But both are high powered systems the 9800GT in SLI will be a very good gamer and the other CPU is fast enought to do video well. For most general applications - office, web, etc - you won't notice a difference.

    By the way - I did not see the 9800GT option on either Dell 630 model - nor the option to purchase one without twin video cards. Where does it come from?
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