Corrupted sd card

After successfully taking many pictures on my Kodak Z1015IS digital camera and downloading them to my computer just fine.
I purchased a new 4 GB new SD card and took a bunch of pictures that are not recognized by my computer? Computer says they are ".VFS files" (instead of JPG pictures). Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Jim T
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  1. .VFS files are just file system information files. Do you see only .VFS files. Do you see any .KDC files. KDC is the kodac raw format files.

    Also can u confirm if 4GB memory card is supported by the camera. If the card is SDHC you may need a SDHC reader to read the files.

    Let us know!!
  2. i had this problem.
    buy a SDHC card reader.

    you might still get a message stating that the files are damage and windows needs to fix them. but if you press skip or just X the message you will get your images.
  3. I'll suggest you try some photo recovery software to recover your images first, then decide what to do nest,
    Best regards
  4. Would this technically work if I copy corrupt files from my computer onto the card? (I had the SD card itself hold the corrupt files after they got ruined on the card from the phone. I then copied those corrupt files onto my computer so I could have them just in case I can retrieve them.)

    If your want a reference, I have a thread about my issue I've had with SD card corruption here:
    Galaxy S4: Micro SD Card Corruption Issues

    Thank you again!

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