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We’re resuming our traditional monthly reports about the well-being of the PC memory market. Since this coverage will deal with the results of the first month of the year, I will also try to summarize the results of the last year as well as make some forecasts for the entire 2005. The intrigue or rather topic for discussion here is the further penetration of DDR2 SDRAM into the market, and the main question is the extent of this penetration. ...
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  1. DDR2 volume consumption is on a definite increase. And prices have been on a downtrend since the release of DDR2 to the market.

    Still, DDR-333 and DDR-400 are the mainstream memory preference.

    Nanya already has DDR2 available at or near DDR prices.
    It's called Elixir DDR2.

    Elixir right now is the most popular memory module on the market for DDR.

    I suspect very soon it may be true for DDR2.
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