Dell xps studio desktop or xps studio 435? so hard to choose...

yo guys, i am going to buy a new affordable gaming system,

and i already narrow down my choices to two dell systems, the studio xps desktop system (c$899)

and the studio xps 435 (starting from c$1149), they are exact the same, i7 + x58

i checked all the review thread from google that i can found, and called dell people to talk about change a bigger psu for the studio xps desktop,

coz the studio xps only offer me a 360 watts psu...............and they agreed to put a 550 watts psu instead.

so now i am confused, the xps studio is cheap, only 900 bucks, but also this system is really built in cheap crap, and with a micro atx mbo...

here is my question, thanks guys first,

1. does the dell studio xps 435 (the 1149 bucks one) has a full size atx mother board?

2. do you guys think it is really worthy for me to pay extra 300 bucks on this 435 system? i mean actually i will have a totally same system.

3. for the cheap studio xps one, is the micro atx mbo big enough to install a gtx 260 video card?

thanks a lot....

by the way, will there be a new promotion in in the new august?
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  1. Sorry I can't answer your question regarding full size ATX motherboards - better ask Dell that one, too. And maybe the one about if the GTX 260 card will fit if no users chime in.

    Also I am not sure what systems you are configuring for the two, as I see the basic systems on the Dell site start at $749 and $849 respectively. Further, I can see at least one thing about the two that is not the same, the plain Studio XPS comes with a 360w PSU while the 435 has 475w. Or are your prices for both upgraded to 550w? You need to provide more complete specs for us to understand what is going on.

    I have never heard of Dell modifying their systems for non-standard configs such as a non-standard PSU. If they will do that, it is good to know that option is available and people should ask.

    Next you should consider the name "Studio". One reason these systems are not more acommodating as gaming systems is they were not designed for that - but for studio or AV work - this the smaller PSUs and, if you are right, mATX mobos. These are "maximized" for studio work by putting the money into the powerful processors rather than other components. I would be a little leary about trying to force them into a use they were not designed for.

    Dell has systems designed for gaming - as they note in the descriptive material - including the 625: base price $799, PSU 750w, CPU starting with Athlon X2 5600;
    the 630: base price $899, PSU 750w, CPU starting with E8400, and the 730x: base price $1,599, PSU 1,000w, CPU starting with i7.

    Apparently, for the starting gaming system, to provide the other gaming level components - components they feel best fit the mix - better PSU, faster video card, fancier case, and I am guessing better mobo - they could only afford to put in the E8400 CPU - compared to the Studio at about the same price which has the faster i7 PSU, offset by savings in the other areas. The top of the line gamer, the 730x- has a lot of nice additonal features - I'll leave it to you to go look at the specs. There approach makes sense. And apparently they feel you are not ready to step up to the i7 for gaming until you are ready to invest in the larger PSU, gaming card, and other components. I think maybe they went a little overboard with some of those items, but their basic approach makes sense - and off course all computer manufacturers go for larger margins on their better models.

    You might want to look at these two threads about the comparative advantages of building your own (BYO) vs. buying a Dell.

    Another option you might want to consider is using a vendor like Cyberpower - their prices are not as good as Dells but they use name brand components and you have a lot more power over selecting what you want - both relative to brand and size/power/performance. Also I don't think they load the system up with as much bloatware.

    After you have considered the above, if still going with Dell, and having considered their gaming systems as well as studio, and getting answers to your basic questions about mobos and GTX 260 fit, and have thus narrowed down your options, then please post the alternative configurations you are considering and we might be able to help you more.
  2. thanks a lot for the reply,

    i will call dell again for my issues.....

    and for the psu, i just called the dell number, and tell them i wish to buy a system,

    but i want to change a psu, and their sales just gave me a special access to get a 550w psu on the same was pretty easy, without any problem.....

    eventhough, i m still thinking of another options......

    thanks again
  3. Wow - that is good to know that they offered a PSU upgrade at the same price. Others buying Dell might find that very helpful to consider. Dell is wise to do it too as it makes their systems much more attractive to those wanting to be able to substantially upgrade the video card. That increase from 475w to 550w greatly increases the range of compatible video cards.
  4. rockyjohn said:

    I have never heard of Dell modifying their systems for non-standard configs such as a non-standard PSU.

    Niether have I.
    Generally if there was more than one psu option for a machine, it was the configuration that determined what went in the machine, not this phone call;
    " I'd like to get a more powerful psu in my Dell so that I'm ready for future upgrades "

    I'd be very leary of a Dell salesman that says " Yeah ,sure we'll upgrade the psu for you "
  5. delluser1 said:

    I'd be very leary of a Dell salesman that says " Yeah ,sure we'll upgrade the psu for you "

    Oh ye of little faith.

    So I suppose that means it would be hopeless for me to try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge?
    Hey, someone sold the London Bridge - and really sold it. Course, as I understand it, the buyer thought he was getting the Tower Bridge and had the wrong image in mind.

    As I recall, they email a copy of the configuration once sold. I would ask the salesman beforehand if the upgrade will be refelcted there and then confirm upon receiving it.

    Not only is this good news with respect to a PSU upgrade - which might be the most likely off-configuration one to request - but does it mean they might make other upgrades and also simply do they have that authority to negotiate?

    Don - when the PSU upgrade offer was made - was that in the Home/Home Office section or the Small Business section? I know from personal experience through a business that the Business section has some authority to negotiate on price but do not know if the other has the same.
  6. in the home section, and i mean the dell people did that change for me, he got a

    special access from his manager to change the psu for me, i didnt see any

    difference in my webpage...........

    actually he is so hungray to sell the system to me, call my home number everyday,

    i am trying to make further neg on the price..............................tell u guys later,

    by the way, dell's mini tower is big enough for full size pci?
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