Sony HDTV projection unit has very small spots showing.

I have a rear projection BRAVIA HDTV that has multiplying small spots showing on the screen. The keep growing and now cover about half the screen. I replaced the lamp, but to no avail! Do you have a solution?
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  1. If you know how your projector works it would have save you the cost of the bulb.

    Projectors are like the one use at the movie theater; If light is busted; it's black. If no flim is presented thers white light and if the film is scracth you see it on the screen.

    If you don't see this problem other than watching a TV then it's your tunner.

    If you see this problem even playing other video signals, then it's the image processing.

    You need to take the TV to a shop if you really love your projection unit. Cost of replacing that parts could be anywhere between $200 - $500 depending on the component.

    New 42" LCD is around $1000.
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