A call for Tom's Hardware to re-review the Medusa 5.1 headsets

I purchased the Pro Gamer Version 2 headphones (the ones without the amp) based mainly on Tom's Hardware's review of these headsets. Many other people did also and quite a few people seem to be happy with them based on forum posts. However, there are many, many people who had a negative experience with them, im one of them. I encountered the same problem other people had, no bass from the rear speakers. The rear speakers litteraly sounded like a loud cell-phone speaker, while the front sounded just fine. I tried everything, including the bass-redirection setting...40ish times, in different configurations. One solution presented by one of fan of the Medusa headset, was to turn down the bass in the front, thus making the fronts match the rears in sound quality. Due to the overall high fidelity of the speakers, regardless of the bass, i could see how this could be appealing to some....for $20, not $120. While in Call of Duty 4, in the middle of a fire fight, its quite annoying to hear a powerful grenade explosion come from the front, followed by a tinny, hollow, ear pearcing explosion from the rear; or that same explosion as you turn around. The quality of the sound coming from the rear is so bad that i wondered if the pro-medusa posts in the thread of the review were part of a propaganda campaign. I know, pretty extreme.

But how does that explain all the positive reviews? Well im not sure, honestly. I could very well have gotten a bad set, but this is two years after the review and all the people having problems with them. I got the version without the amp and most of the reviews were for the Home Edition, which has an amp. A few people said reversing the channels (something i tried without the amp) fixed their problem. I tried, i think, everything that google could come up with, a solid 20 hours worth of troubleshooting.

Watching the The Fellowship of the Ring was very nice, keep in mind, these were my first set of headphones costing over $20 probably. I had the bass all the way up and the treble all the way down to keep the highs (ie, any time S's were pronounced, or swords were taken out of their metal sheathes) from thumping the interior of my skull, but the extreme details were new to me.

Watching the Matrix was different, very tinny and hollow and my $12 Coby's surpassed the Medusas for some reason.

So anyway, based on my experience, i'd really like to see a more balanced review. Perhaps by a different set of ears and perhaps the headset without the amp. I'll leave that up to you.
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  1. I have the same problem with my Razer Barracuda HP-1 . I must play everything in stereo or it will resound and will be no bass from behind. So whats the point to buy true surround headset if you can play everything only in stereo. All reviews i read about it was just **** for money?
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