Disk Read Error and Freezing on Startup Screen

A week ago I started my computer and instead of booting up normally, the Disk Read Error (Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart) screen came up and when I restarted, it would just repeat. I used the Win 7 on my SD card to do a repair and it fixed the problem, but the same thing happened again the next day and the fix didn't work. After that I just gave up and wiped my drive, did a fresh install of Win7. Today I turned on my computer and the same error came up. I restarted and it got to the Starting Windows screen, but it just freezes there. At first I thought the OS was corrupt, but this time the error came up within a week...I'm not sure what the problem is. :S My SSD could be the culprit, but I want to make sure that it's not something else causing this to happen before I go out and buy a new SSD.

Thanks! :wahoo:

EDIT: The Windows Repair screen won't come up unless I turn off the computer and switch off the PSU, wait for the light on the motherboard to go off, and switch PSU back on. If I don't switch off the PSU, the Windows Repair screen will never appear and it will just continuously say, "Disk Read Error". :S
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  1. Might be a PSU problem, have you tried the SSD in another PC ? Get a cheap external enclosure case and boot from it on other PCs.
  2. I haven't tried it in another PC. I don't think it's the SSD problem anymore. Everytime I turn off PSU, wait for mobo light to go off, and turn PSU back on, the error doesn't show up anymore. Gunna try switching the SATA cable. Haven't had the PSU for too long (less than a year), don't think Corsair would die so fast...at least I hope not, haha! Unless I happen to have the unlikely defective one.
  3. Check voltages and amps in BIOS, if they vary too much from what they should be on any of them, you have a PSU problem. All is made in china today, brand is nothing, warranty is everything.
  4. You can also unplug PSU and check voltages and amps with multi-meter, if you think it's the PSU.
  5. Could be the PSU as u suspected but for sure,

    unplug your ssd attached it at other comp/lappy and run disk scan...
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