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I lost the plastic plugs that plug into the back of my DVD player that connect the speakers to the dvd player on my SONY HCD S300 home surround sound theater. Where can I obtain or purchase them?
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  1. You mean the optical cover? For that, you can use a sticky rubber feet with slightly larger diameter to cover it, it’s only prevent dust for getting inside the port.

    If it's a different, then take a picture of where the cover has to go and post it back, so we'll have a better idea of what it is you need.
  2. If you mean the pairs of speaker wire connections into the back ( left and right front, left and right rear, sub-woofer and centre ) then you could try a sony centre for parts.

    I left the sony speaker cables behind under our well fitted carpets when we moved and bought 100m of speaker cable from ScrewFix

    I simply used computer hard disk drive power connector pins ( 1/8th inside diameter insulated with insulating tape) crimped on the end of the replacement speaker wires see here:
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