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Hello Tom's Hardware Admins,

Just wanna ask how can i find the article you posted few months ago that discusses a couple of high end gaming headsets
namely Creative Labs Fatality MK II, Razer's, Siberia's and some other brands? I want to read them again and post
its link in my friends blog that discusses high end headsets.
That article you published along with its complete test is very helpful not for me but for those other people as well who are
looking for those particular high end headsets but want to see a detailed review about it, because now a days and more often
people are looking for reliable reviews like the ones you did on these topic to see how a product performs and, by reading
those reviews will help them make good decisions when buying products.

I hope Tom's Hardware you could post the link here for all of us to see and read because its a really really nice and
VERY INFORMATIVE article and i suggest you should make it a sticky one with some other important articles you already posted.
Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated, Thanks!
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    Here is a search return of the gaming headset articles on the site for the last couple of years.

    Have a look and see if there is something for you.

  2. Alrighty! I got the Link! :bounce:

    Its the Tom's Hardware 2009 Gaming Headset Review Roundup,review-1471.html

    Thanks Reynod!
  3. No worries ... Enjoy.
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