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I'm looking for a laptop or desktop to download and watch movies on. I would like to keep the movies and have a well stocked library. I'm going to connect it to my plasma screen and have a semi-home theater. I'd also like to do routine school work. What is my best option for under $500 U.S. dollars?
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  1. Is that $500 in US dollars?

    That's currently $580 Austalian Dollars ... and from what I can see here in local ads and you can get a good quality notebook for a few dollars more ... round the $550 US Dollar mark for you I imagine.

    The newer laptops with i3 and i5 Intel CPU's are quite expensive at present, but the older (and reasonably high end) Core2Duo Intel CPU's are now getting quite cheap.[]=1545/page_id=13/st=filter

    The link above should work for you.

    I have always bought Toshibas myself ... have 4 of them and one old Compaq.

    That's just a personal choice though ... I am no expert.

    I like the L500 series myself ... for the price.

    Good luck.
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