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Well I got cable TV for my computer I have it hooked up to my monitor (HP LP2475w) with component (Red, Blue, Green) and for sound I have a SPDIF (digital Coax) from the cable box Spdif to my mobo (Asus P6T)
I have updated my realtek sound drivers, and still no sound for my cable.... I also went to the realtek panel and switched from Speakers to Realtek Digital output, and still no sound for cable.... I wont lie I have no clue what I am doing :D Thanks for any help!!!!!
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  1. Are you sure that your mobo has a digital audio input? You said that it is an output in the Realtek panel. Try connecting the cable box to your mobo with analog L/R cables to the line in connection. That should work.
  2. well ok, My mobo does not have a Digital audio input....It only has an SPDIF out. Also I dont think I can use analog L/R my mobo only has 3.5mm? audio jacks and the cable box has analog L/R (red, white)
  3. soooo..... what should I do now?? :heink: lol
  4. Could I get a 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2RCA Male, plug that into my realtek input might that work?
  5. I don't think the realtek even has an audio input...analog or otherwise. Listing your mobo would help a bit...

    Best solution would be a soundcard with Spdif input. Most soundcards still support this feature.
  6. I fixed it! YAY! I had to get the 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2RCA Male. my mobo is a P6T I pluged that into my blue realtek input jack. Then I had to go into playback devices and unmute the input line. its setup diffrent in vista kinda gave me a headache :) Thanks every one
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