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Best way tio test performance W7 32-64 bit

Hi i have 32&64 bit W7 installed and am wondering what apart from actual games is the best way to test for performance comparison, 3dm 06 dosent seem to run on 64 bit, any ideas welcome.

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  1. Best way to test it would be to use real world applications. Get FRAPS record some FPS, time video encoding, etc.
    Synthetic benchmarks don't give you a true analysis.

    I got 3DMark06 to work on mine just fine running 64 bit Windows 7. (EDIT: Ha! nevermind it definitely does not work...I swear I had it running before...)
  2. 3DMark06 runs for me just peachy. You may have to install it in another directory besides the Program Files (x86) folder as there seems to be certain restrictions on that folder. Also, run it in XP compatibility mode, or run the automatic compatibility checker that comes with Win 7, which has fixed a lot of problems for me.
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    Thanks for the replies guys i got 06 to work eventually i used a coverdisc which linked me to teh DX and AL patches/updates needed to run it.

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