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What do you think about cloud based business applications and storing data in the cloud?
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  1. Personally i think the idea is un-secure, but i don't really know enough about it to make a point.

    The fact my data isn't inside my HDD worry's me

    just my opinion. =P
  2. Thanks silverliquicity. :)

    I'm waiting for more ideas..
  3. "The cloud" is the current tech bubble. It's like "e-commerce" was in the 90's. It definitely has its place and its uses and can be very useful, but it's no silver bullet, and it's not the solution to every problem.

    Anything more detailed than that would require more details from you on what you're trying to accomplish, what specific cloud-based solutions you're looking at, and even what you mean by the "cloud."
  4. YesZone said:
    What do you think about cloud based business applications and storing data in the cloud?

    Various business applications can be hosted by making use of the cloud computing technology. Cloud computing technology is also used for storing data. It can be used to store securely any amount of data. Cloud based business applications and storing data in the cloud offer many benefits to the users. Cloud computing enables ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, for e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications and services, that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Cloud model offers on-demand self-service; broad network access; resource pooling; rapid elasticity; and measured service. If you want an inexpensive hosting solution, you should consider Cloud computing service. Cloud computing service vendor’s experts provide care for data, networking, hardware, software upgrading, software patching, technical issues, maintenance, etc. Cloud computing offers fast and remote accessibility via Internet, simultaneous accessibility for multiple users, security, reliability, scalability, rolling data backup, economical pricing, and 24 by 7 support services.
  5. I agree with silverliquicity and InfidelPimp. "Cloud" is just a buzzword. Personally, I think it is a cluster-frap just waiting to happen, and with no real accountability when it does; see William Smith's collection of weasel-words, buzzwords, and indefinites for what I mean. I want my data where I (and only I) can get my grubby mitts on it, anytime I like; and if something happens such that I cannot, I want to be able to quickly identify what the problem is, and steps I need to take to fix it. "The Cloud" offers probability (and lots of room for finger-pointing); I want certainty.
  6. Personally, I just see the cloud scenario as an opportunity for others to have influence and control over you and your machine, in anyone of a number of ways.

    To be avoided IMHO....Backup is easy peasy, just a little self discipline, and for the vast majority of us, most of what is truly important on our machines , is relatively little, so huge backup storage facility is not needed.
  7. I suppose the public (none business here) 'cloud' services can be helpful. put all your music up on there and then no worries if the HDD crashes and you haven't backed up. I do think mobile internet needs to come a long way before it will be fully accepted by the masses.

    Regards to security, i haven't really got anything to hide, but businesses do. Imagine if Apple or Microsoft stored all their 'secret' documents in the 'cloud' - the fuss they would raise if there were leaks would be insane.
  8. YesZone said:
    What do you think about cloud based business applications and storing data in the cloud?

    Cloud computing has become a buzz word in the industry, but most of us dont know is tht many companies are offering virtualization and cloud computing. There is a difference between them, also virtualization is more reliable than cloud computing in terms of security. I think we should start a new thread for virtualization so that i dont bore u here with a lengthy ans. If u want more details go to some cloud provider site u will get all ur details.

    or else u can look even here and
  9. YesZone said:
    What do you think about cloud based business applications and storing data in the cloud?

    I don't think cloud computing is secure and reliable so I wanna say first of all choose reliable cloud provider.
  10. As said above it's the unknwon acces to the data along with how that data is tored and protected. Any business should spend a good amount of time weighing up the costs of somehting happening to your data versus the saving you get now.

    Having your cloud provider hacked and losing your clients contact details and financial history could be business ending, if not rediulousy expensive to get out of.
  11. When device data is stored in the cloud, users can access that data anytime, and everywhere through secure online portals. Device data becomes obtainable not only to one exact location or one manager, but to business hubs or any management looking at data from an overall business viewpoint. Users can increase competence with the Cloud by allowing employees more suppleness in accessing important data, software programs and organization functions. For example, a manager who uses a Cloud-based device key can work on tasks irrespective of location, rather than needing to be at the office to achieve these tasks. For more information about cloud computing, you can see erp on cloud
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