New Raptors?

Does anyone know if there are some new drives coming out in the near future that will replace or beat the Raptors?

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  1. I haven't seen anything at western digital's site.

    I wouldn't expect to ever see a lot of Rapid changes in the Raptor line. Its aimed more at the enterprise market and there they the release cycles are more relaxed and products have longer lifespans.

    My guess is that they won't release another version until they can double the capacity and significatly increase the speed.

    You might even see some 7200 rpm drive's match or exceed the 74 Raptor's sustained transfer rate before they release the next version.
  2. There is already a 7200rpm 16mb cache drive by Maxtor Maxline III which matches Raptors performance but with much larger capacity of 250 to 300GB

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  3. The WD 74 GB Raptor is "the fastest drive (including 15k RPM units!) for non-server use" -

    If you checkout Storage Reviews Leaderboard the Maxtor you mention gets top billing because it beats the Raptor in capacity and price per gigabyte.

    The Maxtor wins a couple benchmarks, but the Raptor clearly comes out on top.
  4. Quote:
    Maxtor Maxline III which matches Raptors performance

    Nonsense, it's <A HREF="" target="_new">nowhere </A> near.
  5. What would you say to this review then?

    Storage review is comparing it without ncq, anandtech is comparing it with ncq.

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  6. I would agree with Anandtech - "With the MaXLine III, Maxtor has given users a good in-between point for those who want the capacity of a 7200RPM drive, but with the performance of Western Digital's 10,000RPM Raptor."

    In other words not quite as fast, but a lot bigger.

    Also Anandtech was a bit heavier on the synthetic benchmarks than SR.

    Don't get me wrong my 2nd SATA drive is probably going to be another Raptor (RAID 0), but my 3rd might be a MaXLine III. Proabably mounted in a 5.25" mobile rack :)
  7. Yeah, I counted them up at anandtech. The Maxtor won 7x's and the Raptor 11, some of the wins, on both sides where slim. I am putting together a new computer and I have the Maxtor 300 gig for a secondary, and I was going to get the raptor for my main drive, but I can pick up the Maxtor for 199 locally-so I am not sure what I should use for my main drive. After reading both reviews what would you use for your main drive?

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  8. raptor as far as im concerned is pretty much perfect, i have 1x raptor as my boot drive then 3 maxtors for storage (2x300 max 10s and 1x200 max 9) raptor is probably the smoothest and quickest drive i have ever owned and i would never go back to another boot drive having used it.
  9. I like using a Raptor for my system drive.
  10. I love the raptors as well. I love them so much that I have the 360GD for my boot drive, and 3x 740GD's as storage/swap/scratch drives.
    Great drives! I don't have problems with noise like I have heard from some, and as for the performance....well, ask anyone here.
    Good luck with the build!

    -- the Doc

    P4 2.8C@3.4
    512mb Mushkin 3500 Level II@472 (2-2-2)
    (grrrr.....I fried this one)
    WD 80gb(SE)x2(RAID 0)
  11. I might have to get one if there's a good deal that pops up, but I was hoping they would release a faster one. It didn't seem like that much time between the 36GB and the 74GB one.

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