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First of all i am sorry if this ain´t the right thread to post.

I have a CoolerMaster PSU 1250 Watts, and i would like to know which UPS i must buy for this PSU, because i don´t understand what it means 600 V.A., does an UPS with 600 V.A. able to handdle that PSU for 5 mins when i get power failures at my home or should i get a more powerfull UPS, if so which one you guys recommend?

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Rui Fernandes
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  1. 600 volts amps is more than enough for 1 computer.

    Can you link me to the one you wish to buy?
  2. http://www.sybaritic.co.za/store/product_info.php?cPath=150_151&products_id=15005

    this is the one that i want to buy.


    This is the one that i have

    I will only use the UPS for the computer and monitor (samsung 23 widescreen)
  3. The one you have will be fine. That APC model is for several systems at once like a small office.
  4. thank you for the help
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