How do you fix a file error on a Sony Cybershot Camera

I have a Sony Cybershot pretty new I just bought it, but today when I was goinq through or trying to go through my pictures my camera would like freeze on a certain picture and File Error would pop up No matter how much I tried I couldnt get off that freaking picture unless I turned off my camera. Can I get any help?
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  1. See if the problem is with the memory stick by:

    a) removing the stick and see if the camera gets stuck on any pics remaining in the internal memory.

    b) trying the stick in a laptop with a Sony stick slot or buy a card adapter that includes the Sony stick -- see if the pics can be read by the computer.

    If (a) the camera can't read stuff in the internal memory take camera back to retailer.

    If (b) can't read pics on a computer, put stick back in camera and look under Settings for an option to format memory stick -- this will wipe your pictures so first copy the working ones to computer.
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