Suggestion for new mobo's memory

I've got a couple of questions on the system I'm building :-)

What I'm going to move from current system to new system:
Antec SuperLanboy 350 (350W SmartBlue power supply, two 120mm fans)
WD 1.6 Gb Caviar & WD 60 Gb hard drives
MadDog DVD R/W
NEC 32/24/52 CD R/W (might drop this since DVD does CDs)
ATI Radeon 7000 64Mb

I've got the mobo (MSI K8T Neo) and am going to get an AMD 64 3000+

My system is mostly used for office work, some audio/video work, and quite a bit of graphics (PhotoShop). I'm not into online multiplayer games.

Since I'm on a limited budget (aren't most of us), I'm going to start with 512 Mb RAM. Later on I'll go to 1 Gig (like my current system).

(1) With that in mind, is it better for me to get a single stick of 512 RAM or 2 sticks of 256?
(2) I'm Thinking Corsair Value RAM, good or bad idea?
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  1. Since you plan to upgrade to 1GB later, it's best you get 512MB now, so that you will have 2 stick of 512MB instead of 4 sticks of 256MB at a later time.

    Since your board runs the memory in one channel, it's best to get a single 512MB stick over two 256MB sticks.
  2. Kingston is a better choice. Serveal of my friends sufer various problems caused by the conflict between generic memory and AMD motherboard.
  3. i suggest if u just get 2x256 now, and later on try selling them and get 2x512 (kingston kit)..most generic ram doesnt work on dual channel..and the same goes for branded ram if u get them separately thats why i wouldnt recommend if u get 1 stick of 512 and add another one later
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