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I've got a laptop hp hdx 16
It has HDMI and also a VGA connector.
My TV on the other hand is a little out-dated it has an av connector (red yellow and white)
Also it has SCART..
I'd like to know if there's a connector for VGA to SCART? Or maybe another way to hook it up?
Also with this tv would the picture be too crappy to watch movies?
Would it be a waste of money using this connector, and should I just save up some money and purchase something like this eva 8000?
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  1. I guess this is the wrong place to ask.. Anyone know other forums I could get some help?
  2. Cost of converter would be around $50 to $300, save your $$$ and get new TV instead.
  3. rexter said:
    Cost of converter would be around $50 to $300, save your $$$ and get new TV instead.

    Well the price of a new tv is alot more than 50 to 300 dollars.
    This would give you a composite video out for $70
    text would not be legible but you should be able to get the best quality the TV supports.

    I agree that $300 would be a pretty crappy TV unless you only wanted a 26" -- I helped my dad pick out one that was pretty good considering he couldn't get larger.
    That being said, a HDTV that does a good job with PC inputs would be the best option aside from cost.
    Your TV is probably PAL if it has SCART and might have something like 500 horizontal lines that are interlaced (flickery, unstable, adds jagged edges and reduces resolution by half) while HDTV has at least 720 progressive lines.
  5. I ordered an eva 8000.
    Only one I could find with scart and only working solution..
  6. looks like a good choice
  7. You'd be better off getting a 22" or bigger monitor and some speakers.... monitors tend to be cheaper than tv's because you don't need the integrated tuner. Depends on the size of the TV you've got though.
  8. Here's that converter I mentioned earlier: or

    You might find something cheaper around. The reason why I suggested to get a TV is same comment as stose; text may not look as good as you might want it to be.

    Don't know how big your TV is but something like these TV’s are better option than that converter in my opinion.

    But check around if you can find a better alternative. or if you only need to view movies or TV shows then and not text then you're fine with your TVs standard definition.
  9. I have a top rated TV for the time (Sharp LC37D40U -- 1366x768 but incredible black levels!) and based on my knowledge of Windows and Linux configurations I figured I could use the HDMI port despite my set not having support for computer resolutions.

    Big mistake! Make sure ANY set has support for its native resolution from a PC through VGA or computers via HDMI/DVI. I am skilled at this but cannot force any current graphics cards to output a true HDTV signal at 29.97 or 59.94Hz even with custom modelines. A 32" TV for $300 is great but I did not research their support of PCs. Things may be better now and I bought my TV more for ultimate DVD playback than anything else but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents on this.

    PS boo on nvidia, ati and intel for not supporting real hdtv through DVI or hdmi -- some tv's may accept it but the drivers should support the actual HDTV spec and they DON'T.

    pps ultimately I very much agree with rexter and probably am biased by being an early adopter of a $2500 TV
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