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Hi guys,

very quick question, my 5.1 system suffered a blow out yesterday due to a power surge then cut in my area, basically my old Phillips 5.1 Surround sound system is now defunct. So im looking for a recommendation Speakers isnt something i keep up-to-date with and i would like to know what you think is a good replacement, the last time i looked the best options were:

5.1 Logitech Z-5500 or the Gigaworks 7.1

any other recommendations? personal experience appreciated as well.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Budget?

    Neither of those are that great, true i own the gigaworks although i am not using them at the moment and for games they suffice but they ain't great for music.

    Then again, neither is the x-5500's.

    TBH, i do not keep up with them myself, the best things to look for is do you want the 7.1 or will 5.1 do. What sort of connectivity do you want and is this for multi-purpose and what sort of quality do you need.
  2. sorry for the late reply, i completely forgot about this post lol...

    anyway, well i had two things attached to my old set, a DVD player and my computer, however my xbox comes back from repair tomorrow and i will want to connect that too, so a minimum of 3 inputs, and tbh 5.1 will do for my room size.

    budget, 200-250 GBP
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