I CANT DECIDE wheather should i get hp or dell. well all on all same processors core 2 duo 8600 but dell comes with 4 gb ddr3 but hp comes with 4 gb ddr2. hard drive is same 500 gb 5400rpm. BUTTT the graphics is the main question since i play games on my laptop here and there. Dell studio XPS comes with ATI Mobility RADEON™ HD 4670 1GB vs Hp HDX 16 comes with NVIDIA GEForce 9600M GT 512 mb.( Hp is v ery stylish but the keyboard sucks) ( Dell is also somewhat stylish) MONEY is not an issue on my case because my local shop has a deal and Hp and The Dell is same price.If you could share your idea that would be great...
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  1. The graphic cards are in same level. Personally I would recommend HP hdx 16. Check the sig for more refereneces ...
  2. Uhh, no. The 4670 is the stronger GPU. If you're playing games (which you are), get the Dell.

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