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need help with dying hardrives plz!

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February 14, 2005 2:53:34 PM

Hi all,
At work we build alot of systems all configured the same as they are sold as part of a product. Over the last few months we had several hardrives die on us and we cant seem to come to a conclusion what the cause may be. We did some temperture tests and saw that our drives ussually dont exceed 50 degrees cel. The drives just die and can no longer be recognized in the bios. The drives are from maxtor and western digital. Any suggestions as to what can kill a drive this way?
thank you.

Asus P4800 Deluxe - 3.0C - 4X256MB corsair twinx - 6800GT 256mb - sata w/8mb 160gb - 120gb w/8mb - Thermaltake purepower 480w - Thermaltake XaserIII

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February 14, 2005 5:53:06 PM

Normal failures that you can get in any product. Contact the manufacture and get replacements. The drive could be fine when it leaves the plant and when you install it, but have a defect that wont show up for months or years. Not much you can do really other than return them.
February 15, 2005 4:56:52 PM

Some percentages would help. How often is this occuring?

Are you doing anything usual to the drives, something that would not be part of the process when building a PC.

I have seen some people ruin hard drive by using overly long screws, connecting them while the system is powered on ...

Are you using some sort of dedicated cloaning hardware, where to connect one source drive then image 4-12 destination drives?

Take a multimeter and make sure your powersupplies are outputing at the correct voltage.