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DDR500 & Giga-Byte MB not working

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February 14, 2005 4:41:06 PM

Just finished upgrading my friend's PC to a Giga-Byte 8IPE1000-G and two sticks of Kigston HyperX DDR500 Memory (not in a matched set kit, just two individual sticks). We used his overclock-friendy 2.4 P4 from the old system.

In the BIOS the memory only reads as DDR333 instead of DDR400, which is the max this board is rated to handle. I have tried every setting I know of to get it to read as a DDR400, but nothing works.
To add to my problem, this memory is rated to work at 4-4-8-c3, but it just keeps rebooting if I manually set the BIOS to these settings. If I set the BIOS to read the memory "by speed" (automatic) it reads it as 3-3-7-c2.5 and runs just fine.

WTF is going on here??? It will only work at LOWER latancy settings than recomended and will not read as anything higher than DDR333.

Even if this board is not able to handle the DDR500, shouldn't it still recognize it as at least DDR400 since the board is rated to handle DDR400??
And why would the system run at lower latancies than recomended and just continue to reboot when set to recomended latancy??

Any help here would be appreciated. This has me stumped BIG TIME.


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February 14, 2005 7:12:58 PM

Your system will run both modules at the speed of the slowest. They are rated both at the same speed I assume from what you said. It's possible one of the modules is a little slower.

Also, memory behaves differently from board to board. And, the more memory modules you have per system, the more you have to relax the timings to accomodate all the modules (and also to accomodate the slowest module)

Maybe you can try to increase the voltage.
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